Mods and Tools

This is a comprehensive list of all addons/mods I use along with links to where you can get them.  There is also a list of helpful tools at the bottom.  If the list of mods gets too long I will move the tools to the top since there will be very few of them.

No More Blocky Faces

Enhanced Night Skyrim (medium)

Enhanced Blood Textures

Display time on loading screen

Improved Dragon Textures

Skyrim Sunglare

Improved human and elf eyes

Improved Water

Detailed Faces V2

Vivid Eyes

Better Beast Races

Detailed Lips

Detailed Bodies

A highres 2048x Glass armor and weapons retex  (Ice Blue version)

Here are some Helpful tools

Large Address Aware

Nexus Mod Manager (still a bit buggy)

Perk Planner

Skyrim Alchemy Assistant

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