Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet Your Dovahkiin

I figure I have nothing better to do than to tell you what you will be seeing on this blog.  So I decided introductions were in order. 

Name:  Rodhan
Race:    Breton
Class:   Eldricht Knight
Skills:  1-handed (swords)
             Light Armor
             Destruction (fire mostly)
             Conjuration (for the bound weapons and strong summons. No necro)
             Enchantment (can we say flaming sword)

Back story:  ? (make one up)
Personality: this need to be blank because it is mostly getting redone

Plans:  I plan to join the fighters guild and mages guild with this character.  He has no stealth abilities so the thieves guild and dark brotherhood will have to wait for the 2nd character i have planned.  I also plan to side with the Imperials because i think most people will side with the Stormcloaks.

This picture is about as close as i can find:

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