Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet my Oblivion guy

Meet Oblivion Rodhan.  I spent zero time in character creation.  Just hit random a few times and made him a Breton.  Here he is
He will be adventuring this week in preparation for Skyrim. 

Added Note:  I can't wait til I'm able to use a controller again.  Mouse and Keyboard allows for more precision, but it just feels awkward and clunky to me.  Tried to use Xpadder but it doesn't feel right either.


  1. I've been playing some oblivion too, because time seems to flow like thick syrup at the moment. Should make skyrim even look better, when entering it coming straight from oblivion...

    I was wondering, will you have a character history up before Skyrim's release? And will you be roleplaying your character?

  2. I have actually been tossing ideas around in my head between hangovers this weekend and i plan to put something on paper today. I tried to keep as close to my character profile as possible, but seeing as how i wrote that in the span of 5 minutes, the story has changed and will be updated.

    As for roleplaying, my character will have a personality, moral code, and other character traits that I plan to follow. So I would have to say yes, I will be roleplaying, however this blog will not be in the roleplay style like yours. Although I find those types of blogs interesting and entertaining to read. I do not have the patience or writing ability to create a story nearly as intricate or creative as what I have seen on your blog.

    Once I have put the backstory up, I will update my character profile post to match. The skills will stay unchanged. I just believe I have though up a more interesting reason for them to be there.

  3. Well, that's the whole fun thing of writing up a history for your character, while writing it and letting your imagination flow, you can sometimes 'discover' your character is having certain traits you didn't think of beforehand.

    Main reason I like to roleplay my character ingame, is that it prevents me to constantly make the best possible choices, leading up to some sort of 'uber' build. It's fun, at least to me, to have certain limitations that lead to some extra diffuculty. The TES games aren't the most difficult ones, and having a roleplayed character at least leaves some sort of challenge in the game. I just see the blog as an excellent tool to force myself to stay in character.

    I never intended my character history to become so elaborate tbh, at first I just wanted to write one page, but it got a bit too big, so I thought I better make two parts. Then the second part didn't fit, etc., and now I'm up for part 5, lol.

    Well, anyway, looking forward to read your character history!