Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm starting to question Rodhan's "Class Build".  Sometimes the difficulty seems normal, but then I get to another fight in the same dungeon and I'm like "WTF....Y U NO DIE Falmer???"  No, but in all seriousness I did randomly find a Dwemer ruin, killed a few bandits easily enough, but as I went deeper I found some Falmer in the back and they lit me up for a while.  I can say this though, Disarm is now one of my favorite shouts.  I may also start to play more in first person to help with my obvious inability to hit things with a sword. Heres some video stuff, and if anyone has any ideas on how I can improve my videos post a comment or message or send a message to that chip the aliens left in my brain.

PS:  Though I'm sure Shilka is the only one remotely interested, I have done some work on the final chapter of Rodhan's back story.  (There may or may not be an obscure comic book reference)  It will be out sometime this week, then I will put them all together, attempt to fix the spelling and grammar mistakes, and give them their own page on the top bar.

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  1. A few tips for getting more viewers for your videos: I would give them a more exact title, give them the actual ingame name of the instance instead of 'a dwemer ruin'. Same goes for the tags, put tags of the exact names, and of the enemies you fight. There's a lot of people out there who are searching for: How do I solve puzzle X in dungeon Y, how do I defeat enemy X in dungeon Y, where can I find good loot for spellcasters etc., so it really helps if you name and tag clearly. I found especially my more detailed entries attract a lot of viewers who found my blog through google looking for specifics.

    The videos themselves are fine I think, no lag and of good quality. Some are a bit long. You might consider editing them a bit, perhaps even add typed or spoken commentary.

    Oh, and I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in your character's background, I'm sure you are too :P, but seriously, when I look at the stats of my blog, I had like 32 comments (half of which are my own) on like 3500 pageviews, so it seems like there's an average of 1 out of 200 viewers taking the time to write a comment. Just shows there are a lot more people looking at entries then you think there are ;)